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You may have read up about the safety precautions that you should take when you use an automated car wash. The safety of the car wash can depend on the machine that will be used by the car shop owner. There are usually some rules that will be provided by the car wash shop so you will know if your vehicle can be cleaned by their machine.

If you did not read the instructions and your vehicle gets damaged, you have to admit that this is your fault. If in case you read the instructions and you know that you followed the instructions carefully, nothing will go wrong, right? This time, there is still a possibility that your car will get damaged in the process.

How Does the Insurance Company Recover Money for Damage from a Car Wash

Let us say that you have comprehensive car insurance. If yes, then you are lucky because the insurance company will work with you in order to figure out whose fault it is that your car has acquired damages. They will try to find out more details regarding the car wash. They may also do a little bit of investigation just to know if the car wash owners knew anything about their machine.

Without car insurance, you would need to work things out with the car wash owners if they are liable for the damage

Car Wash Scratched My Car: 5 Actionable Solutions

There are certain things that you have to do immediately after you notice that your car has gotten damaged in the car wash.

Examine it First

You need to check how much damage has been done to your vehicle. Are there some scratches and dents on some parts of your vehicle? Even if the damage that is acquired by your vehicle is just small, you cannot just let it go. You need to take each damage no matter how big or how small to be investigated immediately. The damage may be more evident when some parts of your vehicle have gotten loose.

Enquire About the Damage Policy

YYou can check the damage policy of the car wash regarding cars that get damaged during the wash. A lot of the car wash shops that you will see will have a sign stating that they are not responsible for any of the damages that your car has incurred while being washed. The only time when you will be paid is if you would be able to prove that they are negligent or their machine is not working properly. If you do not see any sign, ask the staff or an employee for more details.

Inspect Your Car Right Away

There are a lot of people who find it harder to get the money that they need for damages because they left the car wash before inspecting their car. You need to know if your car has gotten damaged immediately after the car wash so that you can easily complain. Take note that at this point, you still cannot prove that the car wash caused the damage.

File a Complaint

You can speak to someone who will act as the agent of the car wash regarding the damage that has been done to your vehicle. There may be some documents that you need to submit. You are also most likely to create an incident or damage report. If in case you need to make a complaint on your own, you can contact your lawyer for more help.

Wait for the Verdict

If in case they are liable for the damage, they will make amends in order to pay for the damage immediately. They would work on knowing the estimated damage done to your vehicle so that they will know how much they should pay. If according to the results they have done nothing wrong, then it is time to do much more. You may want to contact your insurance company about it or ask your lawyer for other things that can be done about your situation.


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