Automatic Car Wash Tips and Tricks to Avoid Damage

There are a lot of people who feel that automatic car washes are the best. They like the fact that this is very convenient. They simply need to bring their car and drive it, then the automatic car wash will keep their car clean. It may seem as easy as that but some people encounter problems when they bring their car to the automatic car wash.

There are some DIY automatic car wash centers that will not use enough water to remove the soap suds. You know how difficult it can be to remove the soap suds from your vehicle. They may seem permanent at times. Another problem is the automatic car wash may use the wrong type of soap. There are some car wash centers that use dishwashing liquid for cleaning cars. This can make your car look chalky. It will not get the sheen that you want your vehicle to have.

Do you realize that keeping your car clean can always maintain your car’s resale value? When your car looks dirty and dinghy, people may want to get your vehicle for less. If you want to improve your car’s appearance, you can have it professionally cleaned once a month. This may already be enough for your various needs.

Get to know the different tips that will allow you to have your car cleaned by an automatic car wash effectively.


Consider looking for a brushless car wash.

There are some car wash centers that still make use of hard brushes. The newer automatic car wash centers already use cloth. Hard brushes can be bad for your paint because they may scratch the exterior of your vehicle. There are older car models that can be buffed out in order to get rid of scratches but if you have a new car, buffing it out will not be too ideal for you. You do not want to repaint your car just because it has gotten damaged at the car wash center, right?


Take a look at the after wash wipe down.

If you have never been to an automatic car wash before, you may not know exactly what the after wash wipe down is. This usually involves the use of heated air so that the excess water can be removed after the wash. After this, the car will be hand-wiped by the different car wash attendants. This can be good provided that the attendants are using soft and clean cloth. If not, then you may find some residue on your car or you may realize that your car is not as clean as you wanted it to be.

If in case you find out that the car wash uses dirty cloth, you can choose to drive away in a wet car and do the wiping down on your own. This is the better option as compared to having a dry and still dirty car.


Know the extras that you need.

There are some extra things that the car wash may be offering that seem amazing. The words used for the extra services may seem fancy but you need to know all of them to help you decide which services you actually need and which ones you can live without.

One of the best extras that you can get is the undercarriage bath because this can help clean some of the dirt and residue that may have gotten stuck under your car because of the frequent travels that you have done. The dirt that will be removed can help the possible build-up of rust.

Another extra that you can think about is the wax. While this may seem like a good idea, it will not look or feel the same as compared to wax that you may apply to your car by hand. You may or may not consider this especially since it does not cost too much money.


Check your car before leaving.

A lot of car wash service shops will tell you that they are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your vehicle when you run your car through a car wash. You can always let the attendant know if you believe that certain damage has occurred. It may be caused by damaged equipment or it may have caused by any of the car wash personnel. You need to let them know about it immediately so that it will be easier to prove if they need to pay you for damages.


How to Get Car Wash Damage Paid

The car wash shop may pay for the damage if you would be able to prove that the damage that occurred to your vehicle is their fault. If not, you may need to report this to your car insurance company. They will be in charge of investigating the incident and what could be done about it.

Do remember not to leave any of your valuables inside your car when you allow your car to run through the car wash. Keep your important items with you at all times during the wash.



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