Do Minor Accidents Need to be Reported?

Do you know what the usual minor accidents are? These are the accidents that may occur in the parking lot when the cars are not moving too fast. You may be backing out from your parking space when another car suddenly comes seemingly out of nowhere. You may be at an intersection and you had to stop your car suddenly. Have you bumped the bumper of the vehicle in front of you? These are just some of the possible minor accidents that may occur.

Minor accidents usually do not cause any harm to the driver, the passengers, and all the people who are involved. The accident still may have caused some minor damages that should be looked into. There may be some scrapes and scratches on your car paint. There may be a small dent on your fender or your bumper. When things like this arise, your main question may be whether you should report the incident or not.


Should Minor Accidents be Reported?

There can be different answers depending on the type of accident that you are involved in. What type of accident did you experience? You also have to consider the place or the area where the accident occurred.

A lot of areas will require you to report the accident no matter how minor it is. You are particularly recommended to report the accident if the damages have exceeded $1,000. The best thing that you can do while you are still at the scene of the accident is to exchange contact numbers with the other driver. This will help you communicate with each other.

This can become a problem if the other driver does not want to cooperate with you by not giving his/her number. There are different reasons for this. The other driver may feel that he/she does not have any fault regarding the accident or the driver does not have insurance. The presence of law enforcers at the scene of the accident will always help.

If in case the other driver is cooperative, it will not be too hard to communicate with the driver anymore. It is best to talk about what possibly have caused the accident. This is when you can ask other people who may need to provide information regarding what they have seen. This can help the law enforcers to record more information regarding the accident. There are also some other things that the law enforcers would need to study such as skid marks, debris, and other things that may be related to the accident.

A minor accident should also be reported if someone has gotten hurt because of it. No matter how minor the accident is, an injury should never be disregarded. There are some injuries that may not immediately manifest. It is best if you would monitor yourself weeks after the accident just to check if there are some health issues that you did not notice in the beginning.

Accidents, no matter how minor they may be, should still be reported even if the weather is very bad. Just remember that depending on how bad the weather condition is, you may not immediately get the services that you require. If you are near a gas station, you can request for an accident form that you and the other party can fill up in order to file a report regarding your accident.


Report the Minor Accident to Your Insurance Company

This may be something that people wonder about. They are not sure if they should get their insurance company involved with the accident that they have gotten into. There are a couple of reasons why you may not want to report the accident:

  • You fear that the premium you have to pay every year would increase.
  • You feel that you can work out a plan or a deal with the other driver involved in the accident.


Even if you fear to report the accident to your insurance company, it is your duty to report it. If you fail to report the accident and your insurance company finds out about it, this can result to even more problems in the long run.

For instance, the other driver may suddenly realize that the damage is more extensive than what he/she believed at the scene of the accident. This may get the accident reported late which will not be too good for you. The other driver or the other passengers may have gotten injured too but it was not apparent until weeks after. These are things that you should consider so that you will be prompted to report the accident immediately.

The only time when you should not report the accident is if the accident happened at your own property and you hit another object that you own. For example, you were trying to get out of your garage but you forgot to move the trash bin. You may hit the trash bin and dent your car but there is no one else involved.



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