What Happens When a Car is Damaged at a Dealership?

There are a lot of customers who will bring their car to dealerships for the maintenance services needed by the vehicle as well as some repairs. There are some rare moments wherein the car becomes damaged at a dealership. This can be very stressful if it happens to you and it will be stressful for the dealership too but this is an issue that needs to be fixed soon.


Common Situations Wherein Vehicle Gets Damaged

Let us say that a car has been brought to the dealership undamaged but when you checked on it, you see that there is damage that the car did not have before. Your first reaction is to be upset. You have brought your vehicle there to be repaired and now it has more damage than before.

It is best to be aware of the common scenarios that may occur:

  1. You have brought your car undamaged and a staff member at the dealership has damaged it.
  2. The car was brought undamaged but another customer accidentally hits it.
  3. The car was already damaged before you brought it to the dealership but you were not aware of it.
  4. You are aware that the car was already damaged before you brought it at the dealership but now, you are trying to put the blame on the dealership to lessen the costs.


You should know by now that the 4th option is not acceptable. It is not a decent thing to do to blame others for something that you know is your fault. The dealer should not accept responsibility for the damage if the scenarios are situations 2, 3, and 4.

It is not the dealer’s responsibility if your car gets hit by another customer in the parking lot. The other customer may seek you out and may try to settle with you amicably. If not, you can always ask for CCTV footage so that you will know who hit your vehicle. You have the right to know, after all.

You cannot require the dealership to be responsible for the third situation too because it is your fault that you did not realize that your car was already damaged before you brought it there. This can be a bit tricky though because there needs to be proof that your car was already damaged when you brought it in.


One Advice to Remember

If there is one advice that you should remember when your car gets damaged at a dealership, it is this: do not immediately become angry and accuse everyone of damaging your vehicle. The staff does not want to damage your car. You can be courteous and amicable so that the issue can immediately be resolved. Rest assured that if the dealership is at fault, they will do their best to appease you.



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